I wanted to take a moment to thank Active Health for participating in Press Ganey’s Wellness week. You did a wonderful job speaking and fielding questions, and many folks have mentioned to me that they found your diet, stretching, and strength training hand-outs most useful. As you know, we previously used to hold a one-day Wellness Fair, but over the past year, our company has begun a wellness initiative in the workplace from the top down, to include complimentary healthy cooking, yoga and Zumba classes, organic fruit for employees, sports leagues, as well as the week-long wellness event. We had folks call in from our offices across the country ~ from Portland to our office in Boston ~ to listen to the doctor. We have received nothing but positive feedback on the lecture. We have employees at many different levels of wellness and you spoke in a way that the topics were helpful reminders for those already committed to their diet and exercise; and, for those just beginning, it was very informational and easy to understand. I have had several people in our organization ask me for contact information for your office already. Thank you again for participating in our Wellness Week.