How long should I plan for my first visit?

Your first visit at Active Health is very in-depth and will last approximately 2 hours. You will receive a comprehensive orthopedic and neurological examination, x-rays if needed, a full treatment including physical therapy and chiropractic care as well as a thorough report of the findings.

I have heard adjustments hurt, is that true?

No, Dr. Lisa Meyers has over 20 years of experience and always delivers safe, gentle, and effective adjustments.

Will my insurance cover chiropractic care?

Yes, most insurance companies do have coverage for chiropractic care and physical therapy. Our insurance department will check your personal benefits to ensure that there are no surprise bills.

Do I need a referral from my family doctor to become a patient at Active Health?

No, most insurance plans do not require a referral however, our insurance department will check on all the details of your plan.

If I come once, will I need to be adjusted forever?

No, Dr. Lisa Meyers will design a personalized treatment plan which will include instructions for at-home therapy as well.

Can a Chiropractor prescribe any medication for my pain?

No, Chiropractors are not licensed for any prescription medication.