It’s true: Dr. Meyers saved my life!

It may sound dramatic, but I am not exaggerating in the least. Were it not for Dr. Meyers, I might be paralyzed or dead.

I had returned from a business trip and was suffering from what I thought were severe muscle spasms in my upper back. I had gone to one of the “doc-in-a-box” urgent care places where they gave me prescriptions for pain and muscle relaxants….but was just not finding any relief. Remembering that Dr. Meyers at Active Health had provided relief from a similar problem in my lower back about nine years ago, I called over to Active Health and they got me right in that day.

Dr. Meyers started a series of treatments ~ massage, stimulation, and icing ~ but was concerned that my pain wasn’t lessening after three visits. We hadn’t even considered manipulation because I was in far too much pain. And, even though it can normally take two or three weeks to get spasms to release, Dr. Meyers saw no sign that it was getting any better after those three treatments and suggested we might want to seek medical attention to rule out other possibilities.

That night I ended up in the emergency room because the pain was so great. Again, they medicated me and sent me home. Long story short, the next day I went to see my family doctor and she admitted me directly to the hospital. Blood tests determined that I had a very aggressive infection that was INSIDE my cervical vertebrae. My immune system was compromised, so there was no fever to indicate there even was an infection. My body wasn’t fighting it and the infection had expanded so much it was compressing my spinal cord, causing all the pain I had been experiencing.

I was admitted at 3:30 and had emergency surgery at 11 PM. The neurosurgeon was vigilant, checking on me every 15 minutes, as he was concerned about potential paralysis or even death if the infection progressed.

See? I wasn’t kidding when I said Dr. Meyers saved my life! When other sources of care were willing to take the indicators at face value and simply mask the pain without resolving the core issue, Dr. Meyer was bright enough and trusted her gut instinct that this pain was not “normal” and acted quickly, referring me in the right direction.

I had surgery on my cervical vertebrae on June 9th and have had no residual neurological defects since, which the neurosurgeon found surprising. While I still have some muscle pain because of the surgical intervention, I am well on my way to recovery. In contrast to the “stereotypical chiropractor” who has patients return as often as possible for as long as possible, Dr. Meyers was diligent and determined to do what was best for me. And that’s the kind of health team I want on my side!