Chiropractic Pain Prevention

At Active Health and Wellness Center, we truly care about our patients and do everything possible to help you reach your health and wellness goals. We stay active in our community and love sharing our knowledge with anyone interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  We will get you better and teach you how to stay that way!

The stretches and exercises below are helpful in developing and maintaining strength and flexibility. Please consult your physician before starting any exercise and discontinue if you experience pain.

  • WARM-UPS –  It’s important to warm up before any physical activity. This series of warm-up exercises can be done in just ten minutes before yard work or other physical tasks, working out, or playing sports.  Preparing your body for a workout should always include exercises designed to stretch and warm up your muscles. This helps prevent injury and decrease muscle soreness. If you are in generally good physical condition, try this warm-up out. Click here to view and download the PDF.
  • STRETCHES – These are also an important part of any workout, especially when used as a warm-up and/or cool down. You can also use this series of exercises as a daily stretching routine for both the upper and lower body. Click here to view and download the PDF.
  • CORE STRENGTHENING EXERCISES – Your core muscles support your entire frame and provide a strong structure upon which everything else is built. These core exercises are designed to strengthen your core from your hips to shoulders and can be done two to three times a week. Although they may be challenging at first, they’re certain to improve your core muscle strength. Click here to view and download the PDF.

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