If you are looking for a chiropractor for shoulder pain in South Bend, Dr. Lisa Meyers and the team at Active Health and Wellness center have 20 years of experience in treating a variety of shoulder injuries in adults and children. Pain in the shoulder can result from a rotator cuff injury caused by excessive use of the shoulder in sports like tennis, baseball, or swimming, or general wear and tear due to age. Inflammation or tearing of the 4 muscle tendons surrounding the shoulder can eventually lead to pain with everyday activities such as getting dressed or even raising the arm to shake hands.

Shoulder problems can result from tears or inflammation, instability, arthritis, or fracture.  Bursitis and tendonitis in the shoulder can cause painful inflammation and reduced range of motion. Impingement can occur when the shoulder blade irritates the soft tissue in the shoulder. Osteoarthritis can also cause shoulder pain and stiffness, and when movement is avoided in an effort to limit pain, the joint can stiffen.  Because the shoulder is a complex combination of joints, tendons, and muscles, it’s important to seek treatment from an experienced chiropractor for shoulder pain. If left untreated, a shoulder injury can become so severe that it requires surgery.

Dr. Meyers begins treatment for shoulder pain with a careful evaluation of the patient to determine the cause of pain. Our in-house X-ray technology may assist in the diagnosis of shoulder injuries. The course of treatment for a rotator cuff injury may include chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, deep tissue massage, ultrasound, and electrical muscle stimulation. Further treatments with therapeutic stretching and exercise rehabilitation are often recommended for common types of a shoulder injuries.

As a highly skilled chiropractor for shoulder pain, Dr. Meyers has specialized training in conservative chiropractic treatment methods. Using techniques such as Diversified, Cox Flexion/Distraction, Activator, and Thompson, Dr. Meyers performs safe, gentle adjustments that are effective for many conditions.

At Active Health and Wellness Center, we feel it is important to offer a full range of treatment options on-site in one convenient location. Our physical therapy and exercise rehab facilities are available to patients along with one-on-one training to ensure exercises are performed properly and patients are comfortable with all aspects of their treatment and recovery from a shoulder injury.

Protect your shoulder from further injury and visit the premier chiropractor for shoulder pain in South Bend. Dr. Lisa Meyers and the team at Active Health and Wellness Center are ready to provide skilled treatment and rehabilitation for your shoulder injury.

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