Like many “Soccer Moms”, I’m so caught up with caring for my husband and four children, sometimes caring for myself gets overlooked. But luckily, trying to help my 19-year-old daughter ended up helping me … a lot! Our daughter, Maria, ran competitively in High School and pulled a muscle in her leg; it looked like she might miss a good portion of the season. My husband, a firefighter, heard about Active Health through a presentation at the station, and, anxious to help Maria, suggested we try Active Health to get her back to the track sooner through rehab. With their focused efforts and comprehensive treatments, her recovery was far quicker than expected and soon she was running full steam again. About that same time, I was having difficulty sleeping, troubled by pain in my neck. (You other moms can probably relate to that!) Having never experienced chiropractic care before, I was slightly skeptical — but hopeful! — that the treatments would help my pain as much as they had Maria’s. I was surprised at how much each treatment included: time in the massage chair (my favorite!), ultrasonic treatments, deep tissue massage, stretching, the adjustment, and exercises for me to do at home to help keep me limber and hold the adjustment longer. Not only did Active Health relieve my discomfort, their efforts soon allowed me to adjust to a “come-when-you-need-it” schedule after just a few weeks. Unlike horror stories I’d heard of the never-ending appointments with other chiropractors, everybody at Active Health is really focused on getting me well and helping me not come back as often. They always work to get me back up to “Super Mom” speed as quickly as possible. Wow, what a refreshing attitude! (And did I mention that the entire staff is friendly and accommodating? They’re the best!)
So, ladies here’s the best advice I can give you: You can only care for your family if you take care of yourself. And nobody takes better care of me than Active Health! Aren’t you worth it, too? Wishing you the best!
Susan Catanzarite South Bend