Reviews of Active Health & Wellness Center

At Active Health & Wellness our patients know that they can rely on our well-rounded offering of chiropractic care, physical therapy, therapeutic massage, in-office rehab exercises and home therapy regimens to facilitate their return to maximum health and comfort in as little time as possible.

Here are just a few satisfying things our clients had to say after visiting Active Health & Wellness:

Dr. Meyers and Team at Active Health and Wellness,
Having recently completed my prescribed treatment with Dr. Meyers and Staff I wanted to express my appreciation for the care provided.  I’m now feeling better than I have in a long time
and I owe it all to Active Health and Wellness – well, I owe most of it to AH&W as I did follow the Doctor’s advice regarding stretching, so that’s on me.  Nevertheless, I appreciate the
friendly, professional care shown me and the time that  Dr. Meyers took to explain all facets of my injury and treatment.  I also value the time she took with each appointment to answer
any and all questions that I had.

I’d definitely recommend Active Health and Wellness to any of my friends and family.  And though it can be inconvenient at times to make a series of appointments, I only regret that I put off treatment for as long as I did.

Thanks again,
 Eric N

Active Health and Wellness Center has been an amazing place to get healed quickly. The staff is professional and creates an individualized plan of therapy to ensure fast results. I’ve been coming here for many years when the need arises and will continue as necessary. No matter if it’s been months or years since I’ve needed their services, they always make me feel at home. Dr. Meyers and her staff are amazing!Jeanne J.

I highly recommend Dr. Meyers and the staff at Active Health and Wellness Center, for their expertise, professionalism, and efficiency in diagnosing and treating spinal and muscle issues both major and minor. For over a decade, Active Health is the only place I turn to when I am in pain or not moving optimally due to neck, lower back or muscle issues.

Katrina B.

For over a year I had suffered with pain to my hip and over the course of that year I had been misdiagnosed by two doctors and treated unsuccessfully by another. The pain was increasing and I had begun walking with a limp. I started thinking that nothing could be done until I met with Dr. Lisa Meyers. Dr. Meyers correctly assessed my condition and outlined a treatment plan during the first visit.  After 8 weeks I am 95% recovered and I am extremely grateful for Dr. Lisa Meyers outstanding care.Wanda S.

Oh wow, where do I begin. First of all, the staff is amazing. They are extremely professional and at the same time they make you feel welcome and comfortable. In my opinion, the experience they provide is something everyone needs in their life. Dr. Lisa Meyers and Dr. Matthew Blackmon are both extremely talented and personable chiropractors who will not only identify any injuries you may have, but also explain how to go about your recovery process. The adjustments are smooth and methodical, while also providing instant relief in my case. The masseuses and masseurs are thorough, respectful and fun to talk to as well. I look forward to every appointment and when I leave, I ALWAYS feel looser and more relaxed. If you’re looking for a proper chiropractor, check them out!Joey R.

Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I’m so glad I found this office. There is a nice flow and everyone seems to work well together to allow for a smooth appointment.” Anonymous

The atmosphere at this establishment is exceptional!! Such a fun, friendly bunch of people. They also get you feeling better quickly and show you ways to stay that way! I am thankful for everything active health and wellness has done for me. So glad I was told about this place!

– Heath D.

I have nothing but great things to say about this establishment. I have been going there for years and the staff is always friendly and accommodating to my schedule.

– Robbie R.