This summer at Active Health and Wellness, we are celebrating The Great Outdoors! As the weather becomes warmer, summer is the perfect time to get out and enjoy some outdoor activities. Biking, hiking, kayaking, and swimming are just a few of our favorite ways to get some exercise during the summer, but there are plenty of different, and fun, options!

Spine Health and Outdoor Activities

Did you know common outdoor activities can actually help improve your spine health? Swimming, for example, decreases pressure on your bones and muscles, all while increasing flexibility and muscle strength. Other activities, such as hiking or biking, provide a fun way for you to build muscle strength in all parts of your body, including your spine. If you are looking for a challenge, paddle boarding strengthens your core and abdominal muscles, increases balance, and even provides low-impact activity for your muscles and joints. However, activities as simple as walking will help to improve the health, stability, and flexibility of your spine! 

Tips for Outdoor Exercise

No matter the outdoor activity you choose, keeping your spine healthy and safe is very important to your overall health. Here are some tips from The Spine Institute for playing it safe during common summer activities:

Walking is a very effective form of exercise, but you must use proper posture by keeping your spine in a neutral position. Using your abdominal muscles will prevent you from leaning forward or backward, also decreasing the stress put on your back.

  • Cycling is an easy and enjoyable way to get exercise. Always be sure to adjust your seat for proper alignment, keep your back straight while riding, and avoid riding on rough or uneven surfaces.
  • Kayaking allows you to get a high energy workout with low impact on your muscles and joints. If you are a beginner, pick a calm lake or pond and take short trips to build endurance. Building this endurance will prevent strain on the back, but it will strengthen your core, arm, back, shoulder, and chest muscles.
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) allows for a great work-out, all while easing or preventing back pain. This activity is great for all ages and skill levels. Beginners may make the mistake of using their arms while paddling, but focusing on your core is very important to protect your spine from injury.

Just In Case…

At Active Health & Wellness Center, we understand that injuries can happen regardless of preparation and precautions. Our doctors and staff are here to help. Come see us at Active Health & Wellness Center- where we’ll get you better and teach you how to stay that way!If you would like to learn more about our office, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Active Health and Wellness Center at (574) 259-9355.